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Technology Course

BEAVRS is offering the chance to participate in a technology course on Wednesday 2nd November, the course fee is £175. Should you wish to participate, details and a link to book are available on the registration page for face-to-face delegates.

Technology course will bring together the latest technology in vitreoretinal surgery. It will focus on the fluidics and dynamics of the three most commonly used vitrectomy systems. Finding the appropriate settings for different clinical scenarios is an art perfected by years of practice and a good understanding of the machine’s capabilities. The engineers and clinicians will share their expertise on how to bring the best of your equipment. The course is aimed at vitreoretinal surgeons; young as well as experienced surgeons are certain to learn something new.

The course will start at 12.00 on Wednesday the 2nd November with 30 min talks from each company followed by the rotating practical hands-on session with each system from 2-6 pm. The places are limited so please book your place early.