BEAVRS Programme 2021

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Thursday 18th November 2021

07.30 Registration & Welcome Tea/Coffee

09.15Introduction, Assad Jalil

09.20 Session 1
Free Paper Session 1 Macular Surgery
Chairs: Steve Charles, Steve Winder

09.20 L. Jawaheer, H. Madi, E. Hughes
Listing patients for macular hole surgery following email referral and phone consultation – its impact on waiting time, same-day operation cancellation rate and patient satisfaction

09.25 D. Steel, N. Lois, N. Scott, D. Murphy, M. Al-Zubaidy
Effect of symptom duration on functional and anatomical outcomes after surgery for idiopathic full thickness macular hole; a study using individual participant data identified from a systematic review of randomised controlled trials

09.30 S. Nambiar, M. Kurian, NJ. Price, P. Caruana, G. Ho-Yen, K. Balaggan
Comparison of enzymatic vitreolysis (EVL) vs pneumatic vitreolysis (PVL) in the treatment of symptomatic vitreomacular traction (sVMT)

09.35 N. Patton, C. Baumann, F. Sabatino, Y. Zheng, M. Maier, C. Lohmann, S. Kaye
Anatomical and functional outcomes of pneumatic vitreolysis (PVL) for treatment of vitreomacular traction with and without macular holes

09.40 N. Dervenis, P. Dervenis, T. Sandinha, D. Murphy, M. Kutubi, D. Steel
Intraocular tamponade choice for idiopathic macular hole surgery and the option of air: a systematic review and meta-analysis of comparative clinical trials

09.45 Discussion

09.50 S. Rizzo, T. Caporossi, R. Tartaro, F. Barca, A. Savastano
Optic disk pit maculopathy treatment using a human amniotic membrane patch

09.55 I.E. Cristescu, T. Ivanova, N. Patton, F. Dhawahir-Scala, G. Moussa, K. Son Lett, A. Mitra, Wai Ch’ng, A. K Tyagi, A. Jalil
Functional and anatomical outcomes of pars plana vitrectomy with epiretinal membrane peel in patients with uveitis

10.00 M. Isac, H. Akram, J. Zhang, A. Chandra
A decade of sub macular haemorrhage patients, regression analysis of aetiologies, different types of treatment and final outcome

10.05 R. Manrique-Lipa, A. Safi, S. Liyanage, J. Keller
Rhegmatogenous retinal detachment after injection of tissue plasminogen activator and gas for submacular haemorrhage secondary to age-related macular degeneration

10.10 K.M. Jasani, M. El-Fouri
One-year outcome following implementation of a vitreoretinal virtual clinic (VVC) in a tertiary eye care centre

10.15 Discussion

10.20 TIGER Study, Tim Jackson

10.30 A voyage around my (vitreoretinal) specialty, Prof. David McLeod

10.50 Tea/Coffee/Exhibition/E-posters

11.10 Session 2
Diagnostic and Management Dilemmas
Panel: Tsveta Ivanova, Tom Williamson, John Murdoch, Yvonne Luo
Cases: Mahi Muqit, Soon Ch’ng, Gerry McGowan, Rumana Hussein, Deepak Vayalambrone

12.00 EVIAN Trial, Mahi Muqit

12.10 BEACON Projects
Teresa Sandinha, Michael Mikhail, Philip McCullough

12.30 Jonathan Smith
Removal of Silicone Oil and Visual Loss Study

12.35 Lunch/Exhibition/ePosters

13.30 Session 3
Free paper Session 2 Retinal Detachment
Chairs: Assad Jalil, Louisa Wickham

13.30 B. Flores-Sánchez, E. Bloch, L. da Cruz
Early surgery optimises outcomes in patients presenting with unexplained fundus-obscuring vitreous haemorrhage to the vitreoretinal emergency clinic

13.35 A. Bansal, W. Lee, D. Sarraf, S. Sadda, A. Berger, D. Wong,  P. Kertes, R. Kohly, R. Muni, R. Hillier
Persistent subfoveal fluid in pneumatic retinopexy versus pars plana vitrectomy for rhegmatogenous retinal detachment: Post hoc analysis of the PIVOT randomized trial

13.40 F. M. D’Alterio, B. Lin Teh, R. Hillier
Real life outcomes of pneumatic retinopexy in patients with primary rhegmatogenous retinal detachment meeting PIVOT trial criteria

13.45 T. Fung, M-L. Kuet, A. Brent, H-C. Chen, R. Gandhewar
Heavy silicone oil Densiron-68 as an intraocular tamponade for retinal detachments associated with inferior retinal breaks: 10-year study of outcomes and complications

13.50 K. Chwiejczak, J. Downie, M. Simunovic, J. Leong, M. Gorbatov, I-Van Ho, A. Chang
Short-term endotamponade with perfluoro-N-octane in vitreoretinal surgery: technique, indications and results

13.55 V. Chiang Shu Yu, H. Wang, S. Subramani
Surgical management and outcomes of suprachoroidal haemorrhage in a tertiary referral centre

14.00 Discussion

14.05 E. Linton, T. Ivanova, S. Charles, N. Patton, F. Dhawahir-Scala, K. Jasani, G. Turner, A. Jalil
360-degree retinal laser prophylaxis in Stickler Syndrome: The Manchester Experience

14.10 E. Yang, E. Casswell, S. Shahid, P. Sullivan
Retrospective review of the management of uveal effusion syndrome (UES)

14.15 T. Stappler, C. Stathopoulos, J. Potic, F. Munier, T. Wolfensberger
A Last Hooray for the scleral buckle, The management of paediatric retinal detachment in children with active retinoblastoma

14.20 A. Qureshi, C. Baumann, N. Patton, K. Kirchmair, K. Röper, T. Cheong , C. Lohmann, A. Jalil
Unexplained visual loss in silicone oil tamponade for macula-on retinal detachments

14.25 M. Tadros, G. Moussa, S. W. Ch’ng, A. Sharma, K. Son Lett, A. Mitra, A.K. Tyagi, W.Andreatta
Unexplained visual loss in retinal detachment repair: comparing gas, silicone oil and heavy silicone oil, a multivariate regression model

14.30 A. Makuloluwa, R. Anguita, Y. Sing, B. Flores, D. Charteris
Late recurrence retinal detachment – clinical features and surgical outcomes

14.35 Discussion

14.40 Medicolegal, George Turner, Niall Patton
Niall Patton
Tom Williamson, Niall Patton, George Turner
Medicolegal case discussion
Ji Wong, George Turner
Informed consent and medicolegal implications

15.40 Tea/Coffee/Exhibition/ePosters

16.00 Session 4
Valedictory Talk, Steve Charles

16.30 Guest Lecture: Retinal scarring disease in Ghanaians
Kwesi Amissah-Arthur

Friday 19th November

08.00 Registration

08.30 Tea/Coffee

09.00 Session 5
Cases from around the world
Panel: Niall Patton, Assad Jalil, Kirti Jasani, Raquel Garcia-Cabrera, Mandeep S. Bindra
Cases: Logan Robinson, David Sousa, Clarissa Cheng, Grace Chew, Jose Garcia, Walter Andreatta

10.00 Free Paper Session 3 Trauma/Secondary lenses/Miscellaneous
Chairs: David Steel, Tsveta Ivanova

10.00 E. Casswell, P. Banerjee, T. Zvobgo, S. Cro, V. Cornelius, S.  Shahid, C. Bunce, S. Murphy, D. Charteris, ASCOT Study Group
A phase 3 multi-centre randomised controlled trial of adjunctive intraocular and periocular steroid (triamcinolone acetonide) in eyes undergoing vitreoretinal surgery for open globe trauma: The ASCOT study

10.05 L. Dong, C. Valor, N. Kumaran, N. Bober, T. Williamson
Outcomes following pars plana vitrectomy for severe ocular trauma

10.10 J. Smith, Y. Chen, J. Ng, D. Steel, I. Masri, M. Habib
Comparison of intraocular lens tilt in four-point scleral fixated intraocular lens versus intracapsular intraocular lens

10.15 N. Kumaran, G. Dell’Aversana Orabona, H. Ali, S. Zhuan Tan, R. Wong
A comparison study of anterior chamber, iris fixated and scleral fixated intraocular lens implantation

10.20 S. Gotzaridis,
“Carlevale” scleral fixated IOL. The ultimate solution

10.25 Discussion

10.30 D. Yorston, P. Donachie, A. Laidlaw, D. Steel, G.W. Aylward, T. Williamson and BEAVRS members
Can we predict re-detachment? Variables associated with outcome of vitrectomy for rhegmatogenous retinal detachment in a large UK cohort study

10.35 A. Yuhan Ong, A. Rigaudy, S. Toufeeq, J. Robins, Z. Shalchi, P. Charbel Issa, M. Bindra
The role of therapeutic vitrectomy in acute postoperative endophthalmitis – a collaborative regional survey in England

10.40 L. Jawaheer, H. Madi, F. Chew, C. Holmes, E. Hughes
Using C3F8 as alternative to SF6 and C2F6 for intraocular gas tamponade, in order to reduce environmental impact of greenhouse gases

10.45 G. Moussa, S. Wai Ch’ng, D.Y. Park, H. Ziaei, A. Jalil, N. Patton, T. Ivanova, K. Son Lett, W. Andreatta
Environmental effect of fluorinated gases in vitreoretinal surgery: a multicentre study of 4,877 patients

10.50 K. Bassilious, G. Moussa, S. Ch’ng, D. Kalogeropoulos, W. Andreatta
Experience gained during vitreoretinal fellowships in the United Kingdom

10.55 Discussion

11.00 Tea/Coffee/Exhibition/ePosters

11.30 Session 6
Gene Therapy/Paeds

Tsveta Ivanova
Setting up gene therapy service
Assad Jalil
Gene therapy: surgical techniques
Robert Mclaren
Overview of retinal gene therapy and future studies,
CK Patel, R. Henderson
Paeds Cases
S.C. Wong
Acute traction retinal detachment (stage 4) in retinopathy of prematurity

12.45 Lunch/Exhibition/ePosters

13.30 Session 7
BEAVRS AGM, Grant reports

14.10 Fellows Video Competition
Tsveta Ivanova, Niall Patton, Shohista Saidkasimova, Alistair Laidlaw, David Yorston, Noemi Lois

Nick Muthiah, Bristol
Unususal traumatic dyalysis

Manish Gunda, Kings Lynn-
Blunt trauma management

Fidan Jmor- Montreal, Canada
The importance of being earnest

Jennifer Hind, Glasgow
RD following cryotherapy for retinal angioma

Piergiacomo Grassi, London
Management of subretinal exudation in Proliferatice sickle retinopathy

Mohamed Elnagar, Southampton
Pneumatic retinopexy for retinal dyalysis

Haytham Rezq, Southampton
You have been brushed

Fongmay Chew, Toronto, Canada
One step at a time

15.15 Tea/Coffee/Exhibition/ePosters

15.30 Session 8
Panel: Niall Patton, David Yorston, Harry Bennett, Paul Sullivan
Cases: Kirti Jasani, Aman Chandra, Siddharth Subramani, Sher Aslam, Roxanne Hillier
Principles of trauma management, Paul Sullivan

16.30 Meeting ends, handover to BEAVRS 2023, Belfast


H. Abdou, K. Stamoulas, S. Peart, P Ray Chaudhuri
Localisation of occult retinal breaks using twin chandelier endo-illumination, perfluorocarbon liquid
and scleral indentation during pars plana vitrectomy

K. Ananikas, S. Gotzaridis
How to remove a “collar button” melanoma

E. Bloch, B. Flores-Sanchez, T. Pissas, J. Charng, F. Chen, C. Bergeles, L. da Cruz
Modelling the anatomico-functional behaviour of foveomacular retinoschisis using a deep
convolutional neural network

F. May Chew, D. Chow
The use of intraoperative perfluorocarbon liquid to aid in the stepwise approach of a dislocated
crystalline lens and retinal detachment repair

J. Ching, S. Saidkasimova
Retinal detachment repair with pneumatic retinopexy during the COVID-19 Pandemic

K. Chwiejczak, J. Downie
Optic disc pit and retinal detachment- unlikely scenario with dramatic course

K. Chwiejczak, M. Simunovic, J. Leong, I-Van Ho, M. Gorbatov, J. Downie, A. Chang
Unexpected course of a macroaneurysm-related vitreous haemorrhage- a case report

F. di tizio, A. Perdicchi, E, Sordi, S. Fragiotta, G. Scuderi
Functional and morphological correlates in idiopathic full-thickness macular hole after surgery with
inverted ILM flap technique

M. Dogramaci, S. Suleyman Omran
Troublesome vibration associated with higher cut rates of vitreous cutters

F. Doyle
Submacular haemorrhage

A. El-Khayat, A Sharma, A. Mitra
Removal of dropped heavy silicone oil bubble using air

A. El-Khayat, V. Felicida, A. Mitra
Diabetic macular holes

A. Ellabban, A. Saad
Optimizing fluidics for fully automated perfluorocarbon liquid/silicone oil exchange

A. Ellabban
Inner retinal fenestration: A promising technique for optic disc pit maculopathy

P. Gordon-Bennett, O. Cundy
A case of heavy liquid toxicity

E. James, Z. Cheng, J. Cazabon
Macular hole repair: Does time matter

B. Kirkpatrick, R. Anguita, M. Katta, A. Makuloluwa, M. Sagoo, D. Charteris
Rhegmatogenous retinal detachment in choroidal melanoma

S. Kukreja, M. Dogramaci
A retrospective audit of large idiopathic macular hole repair using inverted ILM patch graft (IPG)

M. Kutubi
Neurosensory retinal patch graft for management of macular hole retinal detachment (MHRD)
following unsuccessful macular hole surgery in a high myope

A. Le, C.K. Patel, K. Xue
Surgical management of complex retinal detachments secondary to developmental optic disc
cavitary anomalies

S. Yuen Sum Lee, G. Moussa, E. Samia-Aly, S. Wai Ch’ng, K. Son Lett, A. Mitra, A.K. Tyagi, A.
Sharma, W. Andreatta

Vitreo-Retinal Specialists compared to Residents on outcomes of primary laser retinopexy in
preventing retinal detachment in 958 eyes

M. Musleh, R. Rahman
Silicone oil-induced cystoid macular edema (CMO) resolving spontaneously after removal of oil: a
retrospective review

E. Ng, M. Masalkhi, E. Ankamah
The exclusive use of 27-gauge instruments for all vitrectomy indications: safety and efficacy

K. Ng, H. Heimann, I. Pearce
Into the blue: What lurks beneath the sea of vitreous opacity after a serious COVID-19 infection?

H. Orlans, S. Yazdani, A. Laidlaw
A novel post-operative drop regimen avoids intraocular pressure rise following pars plana vitrectomy

K. Suresh Oswal
Video presentation of Carlevale scleral fixated posterior chamber Intra-ocular lens (IOL) surgery

S. Patel, C. Garnavou-Xirou, S. Tarafdar
Evaluating current practice for postoperative reviews in vitreoretinal surgery

A. Saad, A. Ellabban, M. Raza Cheema
Suprachoroidal haemorrhage drainage using active aspiration, a new technique

F. Sabatino, I. Cristescu, S. Charles, K. Jasani
Outcomes of pars plana vitrectomy for treatment of retinal detachment associated with full
thickness macular hole following intravitreal tissue plasminogen activator and gas injection for
treatment of submacular haemorrhage

H. Shah, H. Heimann, R. Hussain
Evaluation of OCT changes and outcomes following trans-retinal biopsy in choroidal melanoma

A. Shinton, M. Elnaggar, B. Gupta
Intraocular foreign body impacted beside the optic nerve head – a management conundrum

C. Valor, N. Kumaran, L. Dong, T. Fung, R. Wong
Surgical management of eccentric macular holes

S. Vithlani, P. Shah, H. Zambarakji
UK wide survey of the use of fluorinated gases by vitreoretinal surgeons: What change to practice
could we implement to minimise their environmental impact?

J. Walsh, D. Cutting, N. Lois on behalf of CORDS study group
Developing a complications of retinal detachment surgery (CORDS) App with a score calculator

K. Wilson, M. Schneiders, S. Rajasekaran K. Szarzanowicz K. Spiteri-Cornish
Telemedicine: Outcomes of a hybrid vitreoretinal service

S. Chien Wong
First impressions of a new trocar cannula design

J.M.M. Wong, G. Turner
Do audio-visual presentations improve information provision and retention in rhegmatogenous
retinal detachment (RRD) patients consenting for retinal detachment surgery (RDS)?