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Fellows Video Competition

Fellows Video Competition is now Open. 

1) The EuroVeRsion Case Competition aims to be a high standard, but enjoyable and entertaining Vitreo Retinal case-based teaching symposium. The element of competition is introduced to raise standards and encourage audience participation. The European final is held at the annual Euretina Meeting.

2) We would like every fellow in the UK and Northern Ireland to have had an opportunity to present at their local VR society and the winner will represent their society at the British final which will be held in November in Birmingham at BEAVRS 2023. The local meeting can be closed or open to wider BEAVRS audience for the benefit of training and CPD.

3) Competitors will be employed in a VR training post at the time of the competition. The case will have a Vitreoretinal theme.

4) The judging panel will consist of senior Vitreoretinal surgeons, and the judging principals below will be adhered to in this process.

5) Presentations may be in any format including but not limited to verbal, multimedia or entirely digital presentations. Presentations will last for no more than 3 minutes. Candidates taking more than 3 minutes for reasons other than technical failure on the part of the AV providers will have points deducted.

6) The competitor must have had a role in the management of the case they present. If there is a surgical video they should have performed at least part of the surgery on that case.

7) All presentations will conclude with the statement: The clinically important vitreo retinal take home message(s) from this presentation is (are). No more than 2 take home messages per case are allowed.

8) There will be four minutes for questions/discussion from the panel per case. Each case will be assigned to one or two judges for comment/questions after which there will be a panel discussion to clarify aspects of the presentations, draw out educational points from the presentation and put the case in the context of the rest of the knowledge in this field. Whilst a light hearted approach is desirable the point of each panel question/contribution is to improve the audiences’ understanding of the case.

9) Scoring will be on based on the following three parameters:

a. Quality of presentation 0-10.

b. Scientific/clinical interest 0-10,

c. Take home messages 0-5

d. In the event of a draw the candidate with the highest scientific/clinical interest score will be the winner.

e. In the event of a persistent draw the Chairman of the voting panel will have a casting vote.

10) The BEAVRS winner will be offered a free registration at the Euretina meeting.

11) Entries must be submitted before the closing date of 1st August, DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED UNTIL 18.00 BST ON 1ST SEPTEMBER entries must be sent to

May the best case win!


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