The British and Eire VR Meeting on Thursday 8th and Friday 9th November 2018, will take place in: St. Georges Hall, St George's Pl, Liverpool L1 1JJ, UK

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Programme Information

Thursday 8th November

08.00 – 09.30


09.30Theodor Stappler
Welcome and introduction of the Liverpool Host Consultants

09.35 – 10.35

Free Paper Session 1Innovative Surgical and Imaging Techniques

Moderators: Aman Chandra, Ian Pearce

09.35 David Steel, Ingeborg Klassen, Kath White, Romeela Rahman
Does ILM cleaning with a Flex loop reduce the rate of ERM formation and improve the visual outcome after vitrectomy for PDR?

09.43 Mahmut Dogramaci
An Engineering Approach to ILM Pinch Peeling Technique

09.51 Fareed Warid
Translimbal Intraocular Endoillumination during Cataract Surgery

09.59 Alex Assi, Ziad Khoueir, Charles Helou, Henry Fakhouri, Georges Cherfan
Intraocular application of mitomycin C for the prevention of proliferative vitreoretinopathy in perforating and severe intraocular foreign body injuries

10.07 Eugene Ng, Emmanuel Ankamah, Martin Siemerink, Philip Polkinghorne, John Nolan
Internal drainage of subretinal fluid during chandelier-assisted scleral buckling

10.15 Richard Newsom, Sandro Di Simplico, M. Khan, Roxanne Hillier, M. Mikel
Multi-modal Ultrawide imaging in VR practice

10.23 James Ng, Sher Aslam, Peter Charbel Issa
Imaging for floaters and flashes in busy clinics

10.35 – 11.00

Tea/Coffee & Exhibition

11.00 – 12.05

Free Paper Session 2 Retinal Detachment

Moderators: Steve Charles Theodor Stappler

11.00 Nicholas Brennan, Weng Onn Chan, Michel Michaelides, Mahi Muquit
Retinal detachment in retinitis pigmentosa

11.08 James Neffendorf, J-Y. Guillemaut, Jason Ho, JC. Hutter, Tom Williamson
The effect of aqueous dynamics on gas behaviour following retinal reattachment surgery, A GEMS study

11.16 Theodor Stappler
Setting the retina straight

11.24 Edward J Casswell, David Yorston, Edward Lee, Tjebo Heeren, Nicola Harris, Tapiwa Zvogbo, Sonali Tarafdar, Wen Xing, Catey Bunce, David Charteris
Preliminary Results from the Posturing after Retinal Detachment (Post RD) Trial

11.32 Rynn Lee, Soon Ch’ng, Ibrahim El-Araoud, Ash Sharma, Kim Son Lett
The use of F4H5 washout of silicone oil to reduce risk of secondary glaucoma

11.40 Kadambari Suresh Oswal, Nishma Bechar, Alexander Tanner, Ahmed Abdelmaksoud, Anand Chawla
Optimal time for removal of silicone oil in retinal detachment surgery: A retrospective case series study in a tertiary referral centre

11.48 Sher Aslam, Jennifer Doyle, Yunfei Yang
A Quality of Life Survey in Patients with Long-Term Silicone Oil or Phthisis Bulbi

11.56 Steve Charles, Jonathan Yu
Uveal effusion syndrome: a diagnosis missed

12.05 – 12.35

Rapid Fire Session

Moderators: Craig Parkes, Aman Chandra

12.05 Ahmed A A Saad
When silicone oil sneaks out !

12.10 Emily Shao, Carmen Baumann, Clarissa Cheng, Assad Jalil, Niall Patton
Spontaneous resolution of submacular Perfluorocarbon liquids (PFCL)

12.15 Rebecca Davie, Shohista Saidkasimova
A pilot –study to determine sterility of surgical drape “pockets” at the end of vitreoretinal procedures

12.20 Jasmina Kapetanovic, Kanmin Xue, Cristina Martinez Fernandez de la Camara, James W. Aylward, Anika Nanda, Anna P. Salvetti, Jasleen K. Jolly, Dominik M. Fischer,Tuyen Ong, Aniz Girach, Graeme C. Black, Paulo E. Stanga, Robert E. MacLaren
Reversal of Visual Field Loss following Gene Therapy for Retinitis Pigmentosa

12.25 Michael Mikhail, Sandro Di Simplicio, Mustafa Kadhim, Roxane Hillier, Richard Newsom
Artisan lens implantation in vitrectomised eyes

12.30 David Charteris
ASCOT Trial Update


12.35 – 13.30

Lunch & Exhibition

13.30 – 14.40

Free Paper Session 3Macular Holes

Moderators: Teresa Sandinha, David Steel

13.30 Julian Robins, M. Berton, Roger Wong
Progression of full thickness macular hole diameter in pre-operative patients

13.38 Shamfa Peart, Alexander Brent, Konstantinos Tsaousis, Tahir Islam, Nardine Menassa, Partha Ray Chaudhuri
Clinical results of inverted Internal Limiting Membrane flap technique for macular holes of various size and configuration

13.46 Carmen Baumann, Danilo Iannetta, Stephen Kaye, Ziyaad Sultan, Rahul Dwivedi, Mariana Thorell,Ian Pearce
Effect of inverted ILM flap on closure rate and post-operative visual acuity in primary macular hole surgery

13.54 Guzaliya Safiullina, Antonis Kaintatzis, Nigel Kirkpatrick,Gwendolin George, Scott Vallance, Peter Scanlon
Multifocal electroretinography (mfERG) results in Autologous Transplantation of the Internal Limiting Membrane for Refractory Macular Holes

14.02 Christopher Gorman
Why the macula got a hole? – a tale of evolutionary trade offs

14.14 David Yorston, David Steel, Alistair Laidlaw,Tom Williamson
Outcomes of macular hole surgery: results fromthe BEAVRS database

14.26 Noemi Lois, Gerard Reid, Niamh McDonagh,David Wright, John Yek, Rohan Essex
First failed macular hole surgery or reopening of a previously closed hole: Do we gain by re-operating? – A systematic review and meta analysis

14.40 – 15.50

Management of VR Services in the UK

Moderators: David Yorston, Harry Bennett

14.40 George Morphis
Overview of vitreoretinal activity in a County Hospital with a solo VR surgeon George Morphis
(Victoria Eye Unit, Hereford, Herefordshire)

14.48 Nosheen Khan, Rubina Rahman
The Implementation of Day 1 Post-Operative Vitrectomy Telephone Follow-up Consultations by Clinic Nursing Staff

14.56 Umair Khan, Rubina Rahman, Graham McCollum
Assessing reasons for overnight admission of patients having daycase VR surgery under general anaesthetic

Panel Discussion:
VR on Call Cover in the UK
Moderators: Ian Pearce, Harry Bennett

15.05 David Yorston
BEAVRS database – Time to surgery and visual outcome

15:15 Ian Pearce
Introduction to the problem

15.20 Panel discussion
Panelists: Richard Haynes, Alistair Laidlaw, Ian Pearce, David Steel, Sonali Tarafdar, Stephen Winder, David Yorston, Roxanne Hillier

15.50 – 16.20

Tea/Coffee & Exhibition

16.20 – 17.00

The BEAVRS 2018 Debate Early Surgery for Lamellar Macular Holes

Moderator: Ian Pearce

16.20 David Steel
Classification of lamellar macular holes

16.27 FOR
Gerald McGowan

Louisa Wickham

16.47 Discussion and vote

17.00 – 18.00

BEAVRS 2018 Main Lecture

17.00 Theodor Stappler
Introduction of the BEAVRS 2018 Guest Speaker

17.05 Thomas Wolfensberger
Retinal detachment and visual recovery: Insights from novel imaging technologies

19.00 – 20.00
Drinks Reception

20.00 – 22.30

BEAVRS 2018 Gala Dinner