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Educational Research Seminars

One of new initiatives from BEAVRS is to conduct a series of BEAVRS research seminars to discuss current studies, design of future studies and statistics with the support of a statistician, Dr Victory Ezeofor (PhD) Mathematical/Statistical Modeller in Health Economics, Centre for Health Economics & Medicines Evaluation, Bangor University

TitleDate Added
Determining the right sample size13 December, 2023
The Clincians Guide to Interpreting Health Economics26 September, 2023
The Clinicians Guide to Randomized Trials: Interpretation13 June, 2023
The clinician’s guide to interpreting a regression analysis with Dr Victory Ezeofor (PhD)7 March, 2023
Statistical research webinars with Dr Gabriela Czanner (Reader in Statistics for Healthcare Liverpool John Moores University)8 February, 2023
Cohort studies investigating the effects of exposures: key principles that impact the credibility of the results2 February, 2023
A clinician’s guide to network meta-analysis2 February, 2023
The clinician’s guide to interpreting a regression analysis2 February, 2023
When to believe a subgroup analysis: revisiting the 11 criteria2 February, 2023
Guidelines for patient management: considerations before adoption into practice2 February, 2023
The clinician’s guide to randomized trials: interpretation.2 February, 2023
Sensitivity analysis in clinical trials: three criteria for a valid sensitivity analysis2 February, 2023
What to expect when meeting a statistician30 May, 2022
Risk, AI, Statistics and Evidence lab at Liverpool John Moores University30 May, 2022
Eye (2022) 36:673–675 – How to read and interpret a forest plot30 May, 2022
Eye (2022) 36:481–482 – The clinician’s guide to randomized trials: interpretation30 May, 2022
Eye (2022) 36:346–348 – Risk of bias: why measure it, and how?30 May, 2022
Eye (2022) 36:341–342 – The clinician’s guide to p values, confidence intervals, and magnitude of effects30 May, 2022