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Abstract Submission 2022

Abstract Submission is now closed. 

Abstract Submission will open on May 3rd, Deadline: September 2nd 2022

Terms and Conditions

Rules for Presentation at BEAVRS

We will be scoring submissions masked to authors; two independent reviewers will score each entry and best entries will be selected for presentation.
See score sheet here

Presentations at BEAVRS this year will take 3 forms.
1. Invited Papers
2. Free papers
3. Invited finalists of VR fellows video competition

Invited Papers

Speakers of consultant level and above will be invited to give papers by the scientific committee of the meeting. These will be independent research papers.

Free papers

Open submissions for free papers will be accepted by the scientific committee of the meeting, they will be judged on merit and those with the best merit will be accepted to be presented. Presentation must be by members of BEAVRS or fellows/juniors working with BEAVRS members. If the presentation is given by a non-BEAVRS member, the member must be in the room for questions after the presentation.

These papers may be case reports, series, audits, outcome data, narrated videos or research paper

Terms and conditions for free paper submissions


– Rapid fire session: “A great surgical tip… which I learnt from…” (3’ videos)

– Rapid fire session: “A surgical nightmare…I want to wake-up!” (3’ surgical videos or 3’ presentations)

– FREE PAPERS : Retinal tears-predisposing retinal lesions/RRD/Myopia/Macular Hole/ERM [5 minutes presentations with 3 minutes discussion]

– Rapid Fire Session (3’ surgical videos / 3’ case reports/case series; 3 minutes discussion after each) – DIABETIC RETINOPATHY

– Rapid Fire Session (3’ surgical videos / 3’ case reports/case series’ 3 minutes discussion after each) – UVEITIS/MASQUERADE SYNDROMES/SYMPATHETIC OPHTHALMIA

– Rapid Fire Session (3’ surgical videos / 3’ case reports/case series; 3 minutes discussion after each) – MISCELLANEOUS (ANY OTHER SUBJECT NOT FITTING WITH ANY OF THE ABOVE)

All abstracts MUST be submitted in the presenting author’s name.
Papers will not be accepted on topics unrelated to VR surgery.

If submitting a video presentation, please complete the abstract submission form, all videos must be sent to before the September 2nd deadline.

Rules & Regulations

  • Abstracts submitted in hard copy format will not be considered.
  • All submissions must be made online by the deadline, September 2nd 2022.
  • Do not submit more than 1 abstract with the same title.
  • All abstracts will initially be reviewed, graded and accepted or rejected by the Programme Committee. The decision of the Committee is final.
  • If a paper is accepted for presentation, the first author must undertake to present it. Further details concerning presentation will be given to those accepted.
  • The presenter must be a registered delegate at the congress and pay all applicable fees. The BEAVRS member supporting the paper must be present during the meeting for questions.
  • Failure to present without prior notice to the Programme Committee may influence future acceptance of presentations.
  • All abstracts selected will be posted online at The abstract will appear exactly as submitted.
  • All submitted abstracts must be in English and follow the structured format below, with a maximum of 350 words in total (not counting title, authors and affiliations):
    • Title
    • Authors
    • Purpose
    • Setting/Venue
    • Methods
    • Results
    • Conclusions
    • Financial Disclosure: Please indicate Yes/No

The summary of results presented must be given in sufficient detail to support the conclusions. The Programme Committee will only accept abstracts with final results or conclusions.
References and credits cannot be included as part of an abstract.
Formulae should, in general, be avoided.

When using abbreviations or acronyms for the first time, care should be taken to spell them out in full with the abbreviation in parentheses after the full word/s the first time it appears in the text. The abbreviation should be used alone thereafter.

Indicate whether the presenting author or any co-author has a financial interest in the subject matter or receives money from any mentioned company.
Any financial interest must be included on the first slide of the presentation.

Free Papers

* All accepted Free Paper abstracts will be allocated a 5 minute slot.

Rapid Fire Sessions

All accepted rapid fire presentations will be allocated a 3 minute slot for surgical videos/case reports/case series