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Publications from the BEAVRS VR database

Protocol for eligibility to access BEAVRS VR outcomes data

The BEAVRS and Euretina database was set up to collect RRD and MH outcomes for revalidation and audit. It is now also a valuable source of data to answer research questions to improve patient care. To date, there have been 3 publications resulting from the data (see list below), with several others in preparation.

The BEAVRS board has now decided to allow access to the dataset for retinal surgeons to answer their own research questions. To do so the following criteria have to be met:

1. Current BEAVRS member

2. Application via a written application to the BEAVRS board to include the following sections Research question/hypothesis, background, methodology and data required, planned statistical analysis, publication plans. The board will consider the application, provide feedback and grant access as appropriate.

3. Must offer authorship for publication to all data contributors of over 30 cases (depending on the project this can be adjusted) including outcomes via named membership of the BEAVRS VR outcomes group

4. Addition of the ‘BEAVRS VR outcomes group’ name to the author list

For more information on this contact: info@beavrs email