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BEAVRS 2016 Poster Abstracts

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00:00 Bhaskar Gupta Louisa WickhamEthnic variation in Vitreo-Retinal Surgery (EVRS)
00:00 Aman Chandra Ethnic Variation in primary Full thickness Macular Hole Surgery
00:00 Robbie Walker Successful pars plana vitrectomies for 2 cases of full-thickness macular holes caused by accidental laser exposure: a commercial diode laser leveler and Q switched thermal laser for tattoo removal
00:00 Alberto La Mantia Iluvien monotherapy for diabetic macular oedema in vitrectomised and non-vitrectomised eyes: one year data
00:00 Robert McGrath Limited Vitrectomy for the Treatment of Vitreomacular Traction Robert McGrath 1 , Eugene Ng 2 . 1. Cork University Hospital, Cork, Ireland 2. Institute of Eye Surgery, Waterford, Ireland
00:00 Rubina Rahman Risk factors for elevated intraocular pressure (IOP) on first day postoperative review following pars plana vitrectomy
00:00 Muhammad Amjad Outcomes of Persistent Macular Hole Surgery using heavy silicone oil endo-temponade
00:00 Jennifer Doyle The relationship between vitrectomy surgery and zonular dehiscence
00:00 Abdallah A Ellaban Phacovitrectomy and the Perfect Partner?
00:00 Shizhuan Tan The incidence of retinal detachment and its association with seasonality and climatic factors
00:00 Assad Jalil The timing and effectiveness of Bevacizumab pre-vitrectomy for a Diabetic ?Vascular Tractional Retinal Detachment?: An OCT Angiography based perspective
00:00 Raquel Garcia Cabrera Atypical inflammations after vitrectomy
00:00 Mahmut Dogramaci The role of ocular tissue distortion in triggering suprachoroidal haemorrhages
00:00 Ruth Jones Progression rates of full thickness macular holes (FTMH)
00:00 Ilias Papandreou Audit of 150 consecutive laser retinopexies performed in an emergency vitreoretinal service
00:00 Ibrahim Elaroud The Thornton ring facilitates the insertion of trocars in 23- and 25-gauge vitrectomy
00:00 Anna Grabowska A comparison of 23-gauge and 20-gauge vitrectomy for Proliferative Sickle Cell Retinopathy ? clinical outcomes and surgical management
00:00 Lai Ling Tan Diagnostic pars plana vitrectomy and vitreous tap for posterior uveitis patients in Tayside
00:00 Siddharth Subramani Control of Intraocular Inflammation and Complications in Patients Undergoing Pars Plana Vitrectomy for Uveitic Related Indications ? Twelve-month Follow Up Data From A Tertiary Uveitis and Vitreoretinal Centre
00:00 Ahmed Saad Predictors of outcome of vitrectomy and peel for epiretinal membranes. Review of literature
00:00 Pallavi Tyagi Post operative Honeycomb retina
00:00 Rumana Hussain Diagnostic techniques for inraocular lymphoma
00:00 Rumana Hussain The Soft Shell Technique To Prevent migration of Perfluorocarbon Liquid Into The Subretinal Space During Vitrectomy For Proliferative Vitreoretinopathy
00:00 Wai Hong Woon The presence of photoreceptor outer segments attached to an operculum demonstrated in OCT scans is an indicator of poor visual recovery following surgery for full thickness macular holes (FTMH)
00:00 Abdallah A Ellaban Central retinal artery occlusion during vitrectomy: A breath-holding surgery!
00:00 C.K. Parkes A new technique of Zero Vacuum Cutting
00:00 Shamfa Peart An Audit of Vitrectomy Surgery for Macular Epiretinal Membrane (ERM) and Lamellar Hole
00:00 Shamfa Peart An audit of Vitrectomy Surgery for Macular Holes
00:00 Kadambari Suresh Oswal Intravitreal injection of tissue plasminogen activator and gas for the management of acute sub-macular haemorrhage
00:00 Maria-Cristina Soare Intravitreal ranibizumab for the treatment of persistent diabetic vitreous haemorrhage: a randomised, double-masked, placebo-controlled feasibility study
00:00 Maria-Cristina Soare Intravitreal ranibizumab for the treatment of persistent diabetic vitreous haemorrhage: a randomised, double-masked, placebo-controlled feasibility study
00:00 Wai Hong Woon Squishing versus flipping of the retina to close a macular hole: a concept to explain the effects of ILM peeling in full thickness macular holes
00:00 Amoy Ramsay Palmer Optic disc pit maculopathy in a young male
00:00 Yvonne Hsu Lin Luo Long-term Repeatability and Reproducibility of Phosphene Characteristics in Chronically Implanted Argus? II Retinal Prosthesis Subjects
00:00 Dick J Keller Is there a weekend effect for retinal detachment surgery?
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